Monte Horeb Church

Templo Monte Horeb is a church based in Sunnyvale California. We Had the privilege of working with them to build their new website and create their new logo. Due to the the current "shelter in place" regulations, they were forced to go fully online. They were worried because they didn't have a website prior to this. However, this is where we came in and helped them with their logo design as well as their new website. We will be completing the rest of the website once things go back to normal and we can send our media team out to them to take pictures and shoot video.

Templo Monte Horeb
Web Development

What Was Included?

This website is in an ongoing development process. With the recent COVID-19 shutdown, “Templo Monte Horeb Church” was forced to go fully online like many other church around the world. They didn’t have a website and therefore they didn’t have a place for their members to “give online”. Most churches have weekly and monthly times where their members donate money to the church in forms of “tithes” and “offerings.” They reached out to us to build their website because they needed a place that their members could go to in order to give their weekly/monthly donations. We build them a beautiful website that does just that! Along with their new website, they hired us to design a great logo that would go along with their new website. We will finish the website project once the “stay at home order” is over and we can send out media team to shoot video and take pictures of their staff and building.

Mobile Friendly

This website looks great on all devices including phone and tablets. This beautiful design is optimal for their needs.

Online Giving

We integrated the online giving platform that they currently use, onto their website.

Logo Design

Along with their new website, we also designed a beautiful logo to go along with it.